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Philippians 2:3 NIV
Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.

“You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have To Start To Be Great!” -Zig Ziglar

On This site you will find marketing tips and tools that anyone who is starting out or a veteran in working at home can use. I keep it simple and straight forward so that you can learn quickly and grow with more confidence!
So, enough of the chit chat! Let’s get you started!

About Sharee


Hi! My name is Sharee and have been working from home for over 9 years. I am the founder and owner of Creative Call Marketing.


IMG_8192smallcrAfter my son Jonathan was born with a life threatening disability, I turned to the world of home business in order to support myself and my two sons. My son’s disability required 24/7 home care. So I quickly learned the ropes of working from home, simply because it meant survival for my family.

One of my earliest ventures in to home business was joining a company called Alpine Access in 2003.
Alpine Access in it’s own right is a wonderful company. It is geared toward helping large companies such as Sprint, American Express, Dillards’ and other big time corporations, outsource their workload. Alpine Access is definitely recommended for home bound people who are are computer savvy, but have some other type of disability that prevents them  from working a regular job.  I however, found it did not give me the freedom to take care of my child. I often found myself tied to the desk on the phone. It was too much like a regular job and did not give me the flexibility I sought to care for my son.

I tried Mary Kay as a side business to see if would offer more flexibilty, I very quickly realized that Mary Kay was over saturated and hard to work in my area. It seemed like every woman I met either was a Mary Kay Representative, or a customer of a Mary Kay representative already! Finding customers was hard to say the least. I soon turned to the internet to find more people who would be interested in what I had to offer.
Eventually, I decided to part ways with Mary Kay.
I knew that I had not done well in my Mary Kay business, but I didn’t give up. I knew there were people really making a living from home, and I was determined to become one of those remarkable people.

My eye for spotting the best opportunities and combining them with killer marketing has done more that just help my family survive, we enjoy life to the fullest!

I now feel that it is my duty to help others succeed in this industry or working from home, to find their very own niche and succeed!

My sons needed to eat, have a roof over their heads and clothes on their little bodies. That’s all I knew when I first started this.
For anyone struggling in today’s economy, you got to have  a good head on your shoulders and think for yourself, as well as have a GREAT team behind you! Some people don’t know where to start…or don’t even have a team yet. That’s where I come in….because that is where I used to be!  I want to share with that mother who is running out of options, or that husband who is struggling to find another job…If I help only one person with this information, than I feel like I have accomplished what I set out to do.
Plain and simple, I want to help others, just like others helped me. To pay it forward.


Sharee with her son Jonathan

Legitimate Home Businesses


Adjective: Conforming to the law or to rules: “his claims to legitimate authority”.
Verb: Justify or make lawful.

Legitimate Work From Home Businesses Sharee Nicole Recommends:


Customer service representative
If you have a phone headset, a way with people and, hopefully, a love of flowers, consider working for the long-established 1 800 FLOWERS. The company expects to hire temporary, full-time customer service representatives this year. It even promises competitive hourly rates plus a bonus at the end of the temporary assignment. Watch Video

Account manager, negotiator, customer service representative, nurse and more
From nurses to contract negotiators to account managers, Aetna is a nationwide company with a variety of telework-friendly jobs to offer. Whether you are medically savvy or are simply good with people on the phone, you could find a position with this reputable company that offers benefits and a possibility of a bonus. Even better, Aetna has been ranked 48th by BusinessWeek in its 2008 “Best Places to Launch a Career.”

Alpine Access
Customer care professional
Besides offering the flexibility to work from home, Alpine Access, a virtual call center, provides health-care benefits, 401K, flexible work schedules and opportunities to grow. Each worker is an actual company employee with regular work hours and assignments. Watch Video


Customer care and health professionals
Our business model is based on a unique framework of a distributed workforce. Some call it virtual, others may call it remote. We keep it simple and call it a work-at-home model. And this model goes beyond just being a virtual contact center. Instead, the virtual business model is a whole new way of thinking about process flows within an organization. This allows us to implement new workflow solutions, cutting the fat, and delivering great customer experiences. Watch Video

Legal, Web design, engineering, admin, marketing or writing professional
Elance creates a space where skilled professionals and would-be employers can bargain, haggle and place competitive bids for all sorts of projects. Elance works well for people who can provide video production, Web design, software engineering and other home-office-friendly services. If you have a computer-based skill, get yourself onto and let the opportunities start rolling in. Plus, Elance does its best to ensure that the employers on their site are trustworthy and pay on time. And, employers rate workers so, the better work you provide, the better your chance of getting more gigs.

Virtual assistant, professional blogger is a Web-based job service designed especially for professional working mothers. Founder and President Lesley Spencer Pyle says the two most popular positions fills are professional blogger and virtual assistant. Bloggers write about their employer’s company, products, or services, often in response to user inquiries or industry discussion. They use specific “keywords” in their responses to get favorable Web search engine rankings. A virtual assistant is a professional office administrative assistant who can work from anywhere.

Teacher, actor, customer service representative
The best way to learn a language is to go someplace where you can practice with native speakers. Why not travel via the World Wide Web? Using a computer and Internet connection, Language Lab lets at-home students visit “English Town,” a virtual city where teachers help them learn English as a second language. Language Lab is looking to hire more English teachers. Shiv Rajendran, director of operations at Language Lab, says, “Teachers need to be native English speakers, Celta or Delta certified with five years of teaching experience.” Celta and Delta certifications are not college degrees, but post-high school certifications. The company also plans to hire actors and part-time customer service reps.

National Shopping Service
Mystery shopper/researcher
Do you love to shop? Do you like to share your opinion? You can make money doing both. A mystery shopper earns perks or a paycheck for helping companies learn about their products and customer service. Paycheck amounts range from “$5.00 to $25.00 for a 15- to 60-minute engagement,” says Matt Wozniak, president and CEO of National Shopping Service. “The vast majority of mystery shoppers do not mystery shop for a living, although we have had a few earning over $40,000 a year. It’s a great way to pick up a free pizza on your way to get the kids from soccer or get some free gasoline.”

Various professionals
If you have experience in software development, Web design, language translation and other computer-based careers, oDesk can help you get hired for work at home. Recently featured on “Good Morning America,” oDesk lets job seekers apply for contract jobs, large and small. Job seekers search job listings which include the job requirements, pay and estimated time commitments. “Our business has three components — hire, manage and pay,” says Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk. Plus, you don’t have to submit invoices for your contract work, which saves time.

Online Certified Teacher
Do you have experience teaching but aren’t interested in managing an entire classroom? Sylvan Online may work for you. It’s a Web-based tutoring service that seeks certified teachers to tutor various subjects and levels. Job requirements include a current teaching certificate, a Windows-based PC and high-speed Internet access. Sylvan offers paid training on-line and opportunities range from 8 to 29 hours per week.

Working Solutions
Transcriptionist, customer service representative
Are you a speedy and accurate typist? You might be interested in a contract position as a transcriptionist, someone who types down information from a recording, live reading, or conversation. Established in 1996, Working Solutions hires independent contract agents for various transcription and customer service assignments. You can earn up to $30 an hour if you have the right skill-set and experience.





Marketing Tips


noun:A small but useful piece of practical advice

Learn Your 4C’s

Before you get down to using tools for your marketing, it is important to always keep the “4 Cs of marketing” in the forefront of your mind when you are considering anything that touches on effectively marketing or managing your small business. What are the 4C’s?

• Consumer Confidence
• Client Convenience
• Customer Choices
• Constant Communication

These four simple things will almost always be the unseen guide that leads consumers to
action when it comes to the purchase of a product or service. They forge a powerful,
yet usually subconscious criteria that greatly influences the buying decisions of American
consumers. Anything that you can do that will increase and/or improve any of the “4 Cs of Marketing” will reward you with more business.

Realize that being good at what you do is simply not enough.

I am convinced that most of the people that decide to go into business for
themselves have properly evaluated their skills as they directly relate to the business
that they are wanting to enter… and that they rightly consider themselves to be professionals and
even experts in their chosen vocation.
However, most of these professionals and even experts will fail. Why? Because being
good at what you do is not good enough. Being a professional in your field is not adequate.
Even being an expert in your industry can lead you to failure. Just be prepared to fail…and then get back up and try try again!

Marketing Is EVERYTHING.

You can have the best product or service at a great price and fall flat on your face with
it, because your product or service will not market itself. Your industry excellence needs
to have a marketing companion equal to itself. An inferior product or service can build a
solid company if it has been aggressively marketed with success. A superior product or
service can die on the vine because it has not been liberally watered with good marketing.
Small businesses that fail are usually undercapitalized, and to make matters worse,
the struggling small business owner pinches pennies in the very area where they MUST
spend money. Yes…You NEED to invest in Marketing!

Never Stop Marketing.

Growing businesses never stop marketing. You might think — and it you did, you would
be wrong — that you can stop marketing once you “succeed”. It is simply not true. You
must continue to market to retain your current clientele and expand your market share.
No matter what business you are in, there will be some attrition. If you hope to maintain
any level of security, you must have a plan for some quantified, steady growth. You
will need to replace your losses with new gains.

Nail down your company’s mission.

It is not just important, but it is vital that your company have a focus. Your company
has a purpose for existence. Decide that purpose and get it in print. This printed focus
is generally referred to as a “Mission Statement.” Your mission will determine how you
do business and will also help to identify your market. It will be worth the effort, time
and expense to clarify and document your company’s mission statement.
This is an area where probably most small business owners need some outside help.
You don’t necessarily have to hire a professional business consultant. You may have
people with business minds in your own circle of friends that could assist in the process
of creating a mission statement. If you know a successful business person, offer to buy
them lunch and ask them to talk over your mission statement with you.
The addition of some special ingredient that would set you apart from competitors in
your field will prove to make your company’s mission more powerful. Print this onesentence
statement on a plaque and keep it in front of you, and post it on every other
piece of marketing literature that you distribute. (Business cards, brochures, rack cards,
direct mail….)

Create your unique, visual (graphic) company identity.

If you have not already done so, create a solid brand identity. This is often referred to
as a “corporate identity” or more commonly a “logo.” We don’t advise that you do this
yourself, unless you are truly a professional graphic artist. — and don’t begin working on
your logo until you have your mission statement hammered out and in print.
Ask for references and hire a professional to do this for you. Insist that your logo be
developed in a VECTORS program like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. A vector file is
comprised of “lines and fills” as opposed to bitmap type files, and the result is complete
scalability without loss of resolution.
A logo created in a vectors based program can be scaled down to print on a pin-head or
be enlarged enough to read on the moon (from earth) and still be crystal-clear. Bitmap
programs will not afford that same scalability. You can always export a vectors file as a
bitmap, but you CANNOT go the other way. Demand a vectors file for your logo. You
will be glad you did.
Once you have completed the logo creation process, print this icon on every piece of
literature that you have. Any time your business is represented in any type of print media,
whether electronic or paper, have this logo present. Stick with it and be very careful
about changing it.

Learn the proper use of business cards.

You can get great looking, high quality business cards today without spending a lot of
money, and you can get lots of them. Don’t even think about printing out cheap business
cards from perforated paper or off of your own printer.
Distribute ONLY first quality business cards and lots of them. Always have them with
you and hand them out in multiples. They are cheap marketing. Ask your friends to
take a few and pass them out for you. Business cards are most business owner’s main
piece of marketing and usually the first thing distributed. Don’t pinch pennies (and it
would certainly be only pennies in this day) regarding your business cards.
Don’t risk the subliminal suggestion that your company is so desperate that you are
even printing your own cheap business cards. This demonstrates that you have a problem
with identifying the importance of your time as well. If you can’t afford to get good
business cards printed, hang it up and get a job.

Get your vehicle lettered

Don’t overlook this branding opportunity. You’ll search far and wide and IN VAIN to find
anything that will go as far for advertising.
You will need to check with your city codes regarding this matter. In recent years, it
seems that municipalities (especially rural) have started a war over signage. Be sure to
check first to ensure that you are compliant with city codes. Most cities will allow at
least one vehicle to be parked in a residential neighborhood that has company signage
on it. (If yours does not, then magnetic signs may be a good option—they are easily
“Branding” your company can be expensive. Advertising in different media so people
see your company represented in different printed media reinforces consumer confidence
in your company. This “consumer confidence” is the single most import element
that influences purchase decisions. Put consumer confidence into your stock pot and
you will render it down to this one word: TRUST.
Trust takes time. Visual and audio marketing stamps multiple impressions on the mind
that help to engender trust in your brand. Your automobile is your own, personal, business
traveling billboard. Use it!

Develop your own business referral network.

Find people in companion businesses that are not in direct competition with you and
trade referrals with them. You will be doing yourself and your clients a service. These
friends in business are often called “power partners”. Find and attend a professional
referrals networking group or club and learn how to provide good, qualified leads to one
another. Meet with your Power Partners regularly. (Weekly is best) You can become
a collectively powerful sales force for one another.

Keep a presence in the Yellow Pages

The popular, printed yellow pages is still the “#1 go to” for lots of people. You need to
be represented there. A large ad is not necessary, but a presence is a must.

Maintain an up-to-date website.

Should you have a website for your business? YES. No business in our day should be
without a properly developed and marketed website and an ugly or out of date website
is worse than no website at all.
Businesses that do not have an effective website presence today will be perceived as
less professional and either unwilling or unable to keep up with the times, and those
perceptions (whether true or not) will often send the would-be buyer packing off to another
business. Having a website demonstrates that your business is both progressive
and permanent. Buyers are becoming more sophisticated and you are presently
losing potential customers if you are not providing a website for them.

 Answer your telephone!

All of the marketing in the world is of no avail when your phone goes unanswered. The
goal of marketing is to generate that call that indicates interest. When you do not answer
the phone, you have probably lost that client. Unless they are a current client (and
then not always) they most often will NOT leave a message. They will call the next business
in line. Inconveniencing a consumer is an unpardonable sin. They won’t forgive it.





Marketing Tools


Noun: A device or implement, esp. one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function.


Here is a list of tools that are very useful in marketing your business. Many of these tools I use on a daily basis to keep my customers interested and my leads coming!

Email Marketing:

Email Signatures: You can be very successful at marketing your business passively as well. Put one of these gems at the end of your emails and watch the leads come to you!

iWowWe -WowWe offers Free Video Email for Business or Recreational use. The Free Version is limited but you can upgrade to a basic or premium account for more features. Many businesses find iWowWe more affordable with the same if not better tools than GotoMeeting, TalkFusion, and MyVideoTalk. Check out the prices…


Marketing Systems:

While there are many marketing systems out there that you can use, I like to be resourceful as much as possible.

Better Web Builder
– Better Web Builder is a Free Marketing System that delivers POWERFUL results. There is also an option to upgrade.


IBOTOOLBOX – As mentioned in my marketing tips, networking is VITAL to growing your business. You can join IBOToolBox for FREE. And network with MILLIONS of other like minded people. You can safely advertise your business on this site as well.  The platform is and will be completely free. You will never be charged ;) It offers a plethora of tools that is again, vital for your business. My IBOTOOLBOX Testimonial

IBO Social  -An extension of IBOToolBox. Again, completely FREE!

Website Design & Templates:

Optimize Press
With Optimize Press you can Create a membership site built on WordPress,Create a site to capture email addresses & Create a site designed to sell a product or service. There is a blog template in case you want to use it to run a blog from, but in all honesty, I think it’s a little limiting as a simple blog only design. This theme is best used to create product launches and sales funnels.

Elegant Themes
This is a great resource for WordPress Themes!  In fact this website is an elegant themes template. Highly Recommended!


A website is much easier to build than you may think.The first step to building a website is finding a place to host the files. Hosting is usually less than $15 a month. It’s also incredibly easy to sign up for a hosting service, and all of the ones listed below have excellent customer service support staffs.

Start your business! Save 20% on Business Bundles!

iPage Affordable Web Hosting only $4.50/mo

Netfirms Hosting with Free Domain For Life

3 months FREE Hosting with FREE Domain Name

Professional Hosting fro Just Host

*** I have alot more to add and will update this site soon!***

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